Pessac Leognan

Chateau de Rochemorin


The history of this vast area of ??Pessac-L & eactoognan is rich. It begins in 1520 with Jean de Amelin, rich landowner of Sarlat who, come to Bordeaux for business, decided to invest in the vine. Then there is the family of Pesnel who brings the estate into the fold of the neighboring Seigneury of the Brede o & rd; the future Montesquieu was born in 1689. The author of the Lettres Persannes was particularly proud of his vines and judged his wine more worthy of interest than The Spirit of Laws. The 20th century saw the estate fall asleep in the hands of people who did not have the passion of the vines. In 1973, André Lurton, grandson of winemakers from Entre-Deux-Mers, in love with this region of Graves and key character of Bordeaux, bought this area. He recreates the estate by planting Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sauvignon, to produce very attractive and well-balanced red and white wines whose excellent quality confirms the reputation he has enjoyed in the past.
Pessac Leognan

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